Gelid Rev. 2 Icy Vision BURNED my R9 290, does it still work?

I have a couple 290's I had bought and wanted to attach some nice aftermarket cooling. My intention was to solely buy some Arctic Accelero solutions, but I was only able to obtain one. So I bought a Gelid Rev. 2 Icy Vision. I made sure it would work on a 290, as stated by their website, beforehand.

I went ahead and followed the instructions, which were muddled at best. Everything was properly attached and ready to go. The instructions suggest attaching the fan cable to the connector on the graphics card or by using a provided cable with a spare 4-pin molex in your computer. I attached the fan cable to the graphics card.

I plugged everything into my computer properly and attached the needed power to the 290. I started up the computer and immediately saw some smoke come off the card. I shut off the computer and pull the card out. The card's connecter had been burnt!

Hoping that it would still work, I attached the provided cable to a spare 4-pin molex in my computer. The cable splits off into a connector for the fan cable of the Icy Vision. I connected those and plugged the card back into the computer. I turned on the computer, and this time the entire fan cable (and the cable connected to the 4-pin molex) lit up on fire! I had to disconnect the (still burning) cable and shut off the computer, as a waft of smoke lifted into my room!

Needless to say, I am now a proponent against using a Gelid product. But I am not worried about that right now...

QUESTION: It looks like only the fan connector was burned on my 290, will the card still work? Do I need to connect it directly to a power source from my motherboard?

Thank you for any advice!

The computer works fine with my GTX 680 thrown back in, so I don't think it is a PSU issue.
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  1. That is one hell of a problem you got there. Can you confirm that it was in fact the fan connector that was smoking and not any other part of the graphics card and specifically not the GPU.

    You've said only the fan connector was burned, can you try connecting something else to the actual fan port to see if it will run? (assuming no pins are bent) and there's been no damage to the circuitry. If you can still run a fan (then the fact there was smoke confuses me), but if it fails then the PCB has been damaged and seen as graphics cards are SoC's, the only option I think is for you to try and pull an RMA out of the company you bought it from, elsewise, just has to be an angry email to Gelid Solutions, I do not believe they'd be obliged to reimburse you for the damage but they may help you out as an act of kindness.

    Good luck.
  2. @l1ghtm4st3r - Thanks for the reply. It definitely freaked me out. An angry email was sent to Gelid, but I still can't believe that it happened. It has scared me from doing anything to my other 290!

    Anyways, it is definitely just the fan connector. I reverted everything back to stock and tried it, but the fan was a no-go. I took off the shroud off and connected the stock fan cable to the cable provided by Gelid (as it is the only one I have of its type) and connected it to a 4-pin molex.

    The fan now works, and the 290 boots up! However, now there seems to be no fan regulation, so the fan runs at 100%. I don't mind it, but my wife does... Do you know of anyway to regulate the fan? I have tried Afterburner, but it thinks its at 20%...
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    That's excellent news!!!! Having a 290 still functioning after that is an epic feat. What I advise is getting an external fan controller, something like this:

    This will be annoying as it takes up some space in your case but it's almost guaranteed to work just due to the fact that it's right inside the circuit between the fan and the pcb.

    I haven't checked compatibility of that fan controller as it's most likely just for regular fans and I know graphics cards can use mini 4 pin connections. which mean doing a bit of google-fu to find one.
  4. Yeah, it was a miracle that it worked! I ran some benches and it ran just fine. A bit higher, but likely because the fan is at 100%!

    I will be sure to pick one of those up, they seem pretty cheap. It does look like I'll need a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter though.

    Thanks for the support, glad someone was here to help me.
  5. No worries, you're welcome. :)
  6. Hopefully Gelid can refund you for the R9 290, if you sent out an angry e-mail they should hopefully respond.
  7. Sounds like the cooler had a shorted fan that drew lots of current.
    Probably killed the fan control mosfet
  8. I just wanted to add a quick update here: I did end up contacting Gelid, but was getting toyed around with lower-level support.Finally got to communicate with the owner, and he told me to bring it in to one of his friends in my area. I did and they found the same findings in terms of a dead fan connector.

    The owner then offered a new R9 290 and a new cooler. I believe he was trying to find any way to cut costs, so he asked if I could wait until his friend (the same one that checked out the card and cooler) could get it - in another country. I told him yes, but only on the condition that I get both products and they have receipts accompanying them. His friend eventually went and picked up what was sent. I got only a HIS R9 290, and no receipt. I contacted the owner again and he sent me a copy of the receipt without the price, which HIS' website states is not acceptable for warranty purposes (their customer support says otherwise...). I made him send me a new copy of the receipt with the full amount, which was lower than what I had originally spent - but considering it was a better card, no complaints there. I also complained about not having the cooler so I could setup everything. He then told me they had no stock and I would have to wait. When the time finally came around to having stock, they wanted me to pay for the shipping and customs, to which I scoffed at and explained that I had agreed to having them all sent at once, not to paying a bunch more for a single item that would surely be cheaper to buy locally. He then agreed to send it to his friend and pay for the items.

    Mind you, this is a quicker version of what happened, all this correspondence took well over two months. I was livid for the most part as agreements were continually ignored. I still used my time and gas to pick up the second item (even though the first item was sent by a courier).

    The most interesting thing about all this was that I received an email a couple weeks after I finally had everything in my possession. It was the owner stating that they had concluded their testing and that it was in fact the card's fault and not their product. He added a bit about how they would not replace the Gelid cooler they had sent if anything happened. I sent back a later asking for the evidence and results of the tests as I had tested the card before I had put their cooler on and not had one hiccup in any benchmark. Essentially, if someone tells me something without providing proof, I'm not just going to rely on their word. I also noted that he would need to talk to his legal team before trying to tell me that their new product had no warranty with it, as I have never heard of a warranty where if you get the first product and it craps out, then the second one does too, you're screwed. I never heard back...

    All in all, I got everything I deserved, if not a bit more. Then again, this did waste a lot of my time. His friend who resides locally was also fairly accommodating, but seemed to talk a big game with little follow-through. So, the support was good, but it could have been much better. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS PRODUCT. While the product itself may actually be good, and I just got a random dud, support is a big deal to me. In the end I got what I should have, yet it took far too long on their part. I should not have to send tens of emails and be lied to in order to get back what I started out with.
  9. GPU fixes mostly take 2-3 months with company's.

    It's long i know. But it's nothing abnormal.
  10. If you read the posts there was no fix, it was just a brand new replacement (not even of the same brand).
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