So I just bought an i7-950, was it worth it?

As the title states, i just picked up a second hand, but confirmed fully functional i7-950 for £52.

I was originally looking at a new Athlon x4 750k, but I was too seduced by the price of the old i7, that I never stopped to wonder whether its even worth what I paid anymore. Just had a few questions :)

I've never used one before, but from my understanding the CPU operates with a RAM speed of 1066, so if I buy 1333 RAM it will still only run at 1066. I'm just wondering what kind of effect this has on gaming or just general use, or whether its compensated for by having 8 cores?

I've also heard that the 950 can be picky with MOBOs, is there any truth behind this?

I'm building three Systems at the moment, two budget(ish) gaming rigs and a business computer, what do you think would be the optimal application of this CPU?

(Reposted this from Components as I realised I may have put this into the wrong section)
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  1. As long as the motherbard supports it, you can install faster memory (1333 and 1600). The i7-950 definitely would be an excellent business computer.
  2. Hi, all of the older Bloomfield cpu overclocked very well. You should have no problem getting it up to and pass 4.0Ghz, the problem is finding a LGA 1366 motherboard for that good of a price. If you check Ebay the leading provider for the these boards the average price for a new one is over 90.12 Sterling and that for non- gaming motherboards. If you have a LGA 1366 already then problem solved. I would suggest that if you are building 3 computers, 2 of which are gaming rigs then use the i7 950 business use and focus the gaming rigs on newer technology. If on a budget the P8P67 Pro with an i5 2500K might be a better solution than the X58 or a P8Z68 board with an i5 2500K. I see them all on the forums going for cheap. Look at all the options first because today's games are quite demanding.
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