Is my GPU bad? Please help, very urgent

Alright, so I just finished building my computer and am too excited.

Specs :
AMD FX-6300
ASUS M5A97 R2.0 (not the LE one)
8gb HyperX Blu 1600 MHz
Western Digital 1tb Caviar Blue
Corsair CX600 Series PSU

Anyways, so to the story. Alright, so before I get into this, lets address something. I'm going to be calling the better monitor "Monitor A" and the older monitor "Monitor B"

Anyways, so I built my computer and connected it to Monitor A on the first boot. It worked fine, I was using an HDMI cable and it was all good.
After installing windows and stuff, I went to plug my HDMI in Monitor B and it worked okay but for some reason there were green little pixels fluctuating around the entire screen, mainly being present in darker areas.

It did not do this on Monitor A, but only on Monitor B. I even tried an old TV, and it was even WORSE on it.

Anyways, should I RMA my graphics card? I mean, its strange it works fine on one monitor but then isn't as good on the other.

EDIT : It works fine on a VGA cable, I think its just my hdmi cable
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    Try a Dual Link DVI cable for the Monitor B. See how it performs !
  2. Thanks, it all worked. It was a bad HDMI cable.
  3. You are welcome.
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