Need help in building a new system. For mainly casual gaming

ALL PRICES IN SGD. The current total cost is $1233 and i was wondering if there are better options and components for this budget of $1250 for the same specs. I'm also slightly paranoid that my components are not compatible. Since im buying from a single shop, i can only use parts from""
Can you also help pick a nicer casing without exceeding the budget. Thanks in advance!!!!!

CPU: I5-4440 3.1GHZ ($224)
MotherBoard: ASUS H81M-A(micro-atx) ($109)
Memory:CORSAIR VENGEANCE 1600MHZ ( 4GBx2pcs ) CL9 ($119)
Storage:SAMSUNG EVO 120GB SSD ($149)
2nd Storage:SEAGATE 2TB 64MB SATA3 ($112)
Video Card :GIGABYTE GTX 650 2GB DDR5 ($195)
Casing: Cooler Master SILENCIO 352 MICRO CASE($89)
Power Supply :C.M XTRM 625W EXTREME($89)
DVD reader: ASUS 24X DVD-RW SATA BOX ($27)
OS: WIN7 home premium ($120)

UPDATE- I just checked out another motherboard the, ASUS B85-PLUS($165) and i feel that is would be a better component and even though it breaks my budget, should i actually splurge alittle more on it?
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  1. Why do you want to buy an old tech CPU and how much is your total budget?
  2. ideally,$1100 -1200.
    I have no idea its an old tech cpu haha... i dont have much experience in this, why is it considered old?
  3. Because it is the first generation i5 CPU and now there is the 4th and the 5th is being build atm.
  4. The original plan was for my dad to purchase a factory made computer from asus with this specs
    4th gen intel i5-4440
    (6m cache,3.1ghz, turbo boost up to 3.3ghz)
    8gb DDR3 ram
    1tb HDD
    asus nvidia GT630 2GB ddr3
    usb3.0 & bluetooth 4.0 capabilities

    for the price of $1200. so i convinced him that i can try to make DIY computer, and i just decided to get back the same processor as the factory made one, since i figured that 3.1ghz is good enough
  5. His joiche is terrible because the GPU is not for gaming and too much overpriced. From the website there are 2 good options: Asrock Theme 3 and Gigabyte Theme 3 and the Gigabyte Theme is a little better. Can you also pick single parts or only systems?
  6. I can pick out single parts, all the parts i picked out were not part of a set. theme 3? im sorry i dont understand these terms ><
  7. I was looking at your link and there are some options with systems. You dont want to overclock and want a SSD too or?
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