Screen won't load when in UEFI or BIOS

I have been trying to access my UEFI settings for sometime now to try and overclock my CPU but to no avail. Whenever I try to get there through the advanced start up options in Windows 8, I click restart into UEFI settings. The computer then shuts down and the screen goes off. Then the computer comes back on but the screen stays off. I'm pretty sure it is in the bios because a single click of the power button will shut the computer down as opposed to having to hold it down for 3-4 seconds. Next I tried pressing f2 and del at startup and the same thing happened. The computer was on but the screen stayed off. Any help on this would be appreciated.

CPU is intel i3
GPU is Nvidia gtx 560
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    What monitor do you have? Windows will usually come up at native resolution, or allow the gpu to scale the resolution to one supported by the monitor, but the gpu often doesn't scale the UEFI/BIOS screen, just letting the UEFI/BIOS code decide what resolution to display at, and if your monitor has a limited scaler (or even no scaler), it won't be able to display.

    The other question is why are you trying to overclock an i3? There are no i3's with unlocked multipliers.
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