Computer won't start after shutdown.

So last night after my computer was turned off, I tried powering it up again but it constantly froze on the Windows Load screen and then it would shut down. I tried isolating the problem and at then I decided to have a different SATA load sequence (I have 2 HDD with windows 8.1). This worked and the OS on my normal hard drive booted up. Now I tried checking to see if my primary OS HDD (SSD) was still alive, and it was. I can access all files on the SSD. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion for repairing the problem before I format the HDD.
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  1. you have 2 Harddrives are they both SATA Or SSD?
  2. Clicky999 said:
    you have 2 Harddrives are they both SATA Or SSD?

    1 sata and 1 ssd. I tried switching back to my primary which is SSD and my computer shutdown again. I put in the Windows 8 installation DVD and I skipped "Boot From CD/DVD" and somehow it started working again. Any idea why?
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