Cant "find" old ATA HDD files

I found a old ata hdd from my old pc, and pluged it in to my new with a S/ATA USB cabel. it starts up and i hear it runnning, but i cant get "inside" it.

I cant add a partition name or a path to it from the "computer managment"...

somebody know what to do?
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  1. Did you check in BIOS first to make sure it shows 'up' in the list of drives? If BIOS doesn't see it when the PC starts, then Windows hasn't a clue. Drive may be dead. A SATA drive plugged into a modern PC (SATA III) the PC is backwards compatible to read it (though it would slow down the entire I/O channel to the slowest speed (SATA I).
  2. Can HD Sentinel or CrystalDiskInfo see the drive?
  3. Those wouldn't matter if the BIOS doesn't even see it yet (i.e. didn't plug it in right or such)
  4. The OP stated that "I ... pluged it in to my new with a S/ATA USB cabel". Not all BIOSes are aware of USB drives, so the drive's absence from the POST would be inconclusive.

    HD Sentinel tries to detect the HDD behind the USB-S/ATA bridge. If it cannot, it will revert to identifying the USB mass storage device, if at all possible.
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