Ext. HDD not working on USB2.0 but works fine on 3.0

I have a Toshiba portable 1.5tb usb hard drive that is USB3.0 and backwards compatible with 2.0. I've used to drive on USB2.0 computers before and had no problems. Anyway It has BitLocker installed on it so I am removing it to see if that has any luck (seriously doubt it). Any help would be awesome and im new here so hello! fellow techies!

V63600-F 1.5tb Toshiba HDD. <-- HDD info
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    If it's BitLocker encrypted you will only be able to use it on systems that support BitLocker. Furthermore, if it's been encrypted with BitLocker 2.0 (Windows 7) you will not be able to use it on Windows Vista systems (only support 1.0).
  2. Wow thanks for the fast response! Sounds like after I finish removing Bitlocker I can use the HDD again normally! I will reply back when it's done removing Bitlocker and I find out for sure, thanks again!
  3. Problem is with the small circuit board that goes between the HDD and the USB, installed other HDDs into it and still had same issue.
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