How to install SATA drive to DELL Inspiron 530 Desktop with Windows 8

Recovered a DELL Inspiron 530 desktop somebody threw out with no hard drives in it. What type of drive is needed from RadioShack or DELL site to install my copy of WIndows 8 32-bit disk on it? It would be used as a backup desktop. It was originally running Vista before the drive was taken out due to the visible stickers on the outside of the tower.
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  1. Hi

    You do not need a hard disk to find out if it is working ok and what ram, CPU & graphics it has

    From Dell web site and serial number you can find out spec & when it was made
    Unless you have 2gb of ram no point in using vista , 7 or 8

    Some Dells have different specs according to case, ranging from midi tower, desk top & small low profile desk top cases

    Are mounting kit for hard disks left behind as many Dells are non standard with easy to remove trays or slides instead of simple 4 screws
    Even screws used are often non standard

    Often spares inside case

    I had to swap 2 hard drives from optiplex gx 520 with a dead sata chip recently
    There was also a pata port for DVD drive
    I know this is a different motherboard, also check for suitable drivers for sound chips , Ethernet port etc ( I had to use vista drivers for win 7 on this model )


    Mike Barnes
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    Okay here is a review . Note that was 6 years ago, which means the tech in it is obsolete for many reasons. First off it uses DDR2 RAM (no longer sold) will probably still have IDE (PATA) connected drives (no longer made) on a CPU that is weaker then your average SmartPhone you have in your hand.

    Why bother when for $249 you can go to Walmart and pick up a UNDER WARRANTY i3 core based PC, all configured and ready to use with modern supported hardware? That is alot less expensive then trying to scavange parts to make this 'tossed out system' work for ALOT LESS performance (why do youtube videos stutter? how come I have to wait 5-10 min for Windows to load before I can do anything, etc. etc. etc.).

    Computers are now looked like Cell Phone, just as expensive (check the prices) and 'disposable' every couple of years (2 year phone contract get a new phone right, why not PCs they are saying now instead of 4-5 years).
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