Upgrading graphics card & psu?

Hi I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card as I currently don't have one on my system I was wondering what graphics card would be best for my budget? I also would need a new psu aswell as I only have a 350w currently. My budget is £100 for both graphics card & psu any one has any reccomendation? also would the cpu/gpu bottleneck with my components. I'm mainly looking at playing online-games on high/ultra settings. Also wondering if my motherboard supports both amd/nvidia graphics card?

PC spec is:

4GB ddr3 ram 2x2GB 133mhz
ASUS M4A78LT-M LE motherboard

Thanks a lot :)
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  1. 100 EURO could give you an upgrade for a PSU and a GPU if you looked for extremely cheap deals.
    If you upgrade your Budget by a bit, you could get a 7770 and a XFX 450W 80+ Bronze PSU. (XFX is a branch of Seasonic, one of the best.)
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    You will need to save a little bit more for a good upgrade.

    With the 100 Pounds you can get the R7 260X : MSI R7 260x or the 7790 : Sapphire 7790.

    The both cards are good for your CPU and you will not see any bottleneck.

    Also your motherboard supports both AMD and nVIDIA videocards. It supports every videocard that is with PCI.

    For PSU you would need to get at least 450W, but safer will be if you get 550W. Good PSU makers are XFX, Seasonic and Corsair. XFX 550W 80+ Bronze. That one is pretty good and will meet your sistem's needs.

    - Yoan Teodosiev
  3. I'd suggest you go at least a model or two above those mentioned already to play on high/ultra. A small increase on your budget should allow for this.
  4. Will probably end up getting a hd7770 and an xfx 550w thanks for all the recommendation :D
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