Frame drops and stutters on metro 2033 on a 780?

I bought metro 2033 recently and because i have a gtx 780 i automatically maxed it out, i have v-sync enabled so dont go higher than 75fps but every now and then it drops to 55-60 and sometimes 40. I know this is a bit petty but i thought a gtx 780 wouldn't be getting frame drops on this game when I get don't normally drop below 75 or 70 in battlefield 4. Is this normal for this game or am i doing something wrong?

I have an i5 4670k processor at 4.2ghz and 8GB RAM
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  1. Disable advanced physics, did the trick for me, give it a go see what happens :D

    My Rig had some frame issues with that game when I had it enabled (about 45 frames)
    Also I can't remember what DLC it was but one of them is a real nice warm-up for your pc
    Burning webs with a flame thrower just seems to warm my GPU up a little :P

    Hope it works for you, good luck!
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