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Will I install windows 8.1 pro in a 500gb hdd in which I store games or a 80gb hdd to run win8.1 fast
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    Unless 80 GB drive is special like SSD or WD 10k or 15k rpm or similar it will be much slower than a modern 500GB hard drive
    So just use the 500 GB drive assuming this drive is new or empty

    If you use the 80 GB drive you will have to ensure you install as much as possible on the 500GB drive and regularly check for free space

    Mike Barnes
  2. Install WIN 8.1 on 80GB HDD. Leave the 500GB HDD for other stuffs.

    P.S. Unplug the other HDD/s while installing OS.
  3. like was mentioned earlier,unless its a 80gb ssd,dont bother with it as its ancient hardware.if it is an ssd by all means put your os on it.
  4. Perhaps you meant to make a 80GB partition where you'd install windows and have a 2nd partition to store games and such? if so yes, it's always a good practice to separate OS on a dedicated partition.

    Just make sure to install games on the 2nd partition, else your OS partition will fill up too quickly.
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