need advice on Building a new gaming pc

Hi, i want to build a new gaming rig, please give advice.

here is the setting:
MB: MSI B85-G43 Gaming (Intel B85, Vga, DDR3, 2xPCI-Exp 16x)
P: Core i3 4130 (3.4 Ghz) Cache 3 MB
RAM: Team Xtreme Dark 8 GB PC 12800 Dual Channel CL Speed 9-9-9-24
VGA: MSI Geforce GTX 660 Twin Frozr OC 2 GB 192 Bit DDR5
HD: Western Digital 500 GB Sata2 / Sata3
PSU: FSP Raider RA-750 750W 88+ Silver

I will use the rig mostly for movie and i'm not an extreme gamer, the games i likes are mostly fps BF series, COD Series, ACreed series, Tom Clancy's, Eve online.
This setting will cost me around USD 700 here.

Now i don't really understand how to prepare the details such as what is the psu i will need, or is this rig 'overkill' for my needs, or do i choose the right GPU or CPU to match each other.
USD700 is pretty much my limit, maybe i can add a little more but that's the case, i don't want to spend more than i need to.

now a second question,
If i want to update my current rig:

MB: Gigabyte P55US3L
P: Core i5 760 (2.8 Ghz) Cache 8 MB
RAM: Team Xtreme Dark 4 GB Dual Channel CL Speed 8-8-8-24
VGA: Digital Alliance GTS 250 1GB 256bit
HD: Western Digital 250 GB Sata2 / Sata3
PSU: FSP Hexa 500w

what should i spend my money for? (a website suggest that my gpu cant play COD: ghost)
ps: i'm going to build that 2nd rig anyway, so its not a matter of upgrading or build a new one.

last game i play was splinter cell black list and i'm having problem with the movement, not sure what's the problem though. the manual says that i should be able to play it with my rig.

So i hope i can get advice from more experience people :)
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  1. Your CPU should be better than the i3 because it is a quad core even if it is an older i5 series and you should better upgrade the current system to get a better result. You could add the same RAM KIT, GTX 760, XFX 550w PSU and maybe a extra HDD if you need.
  2. so i guess for my current rig i just need to upgrade the gpu, add another 4gb RAM (i can't find similar stick, there are all 9-9-9-24 now, i assume that matter?), switch the psu to FSP Raider RA-550 550W 88+ Silver. That's pretty much it, right?

    but my first question is, if i want to build a new rig using i3 will that setting enough or do i need to change anything?
    i assume now and i use the coolermaster power calculator, that 550 psu is enough to power the new rig?

    if the new rig:
    MB: MSI B85-G43 Gaming (Intel B85, Vga, DDR3, 2xPCI-Exp 16x)
    (i search other alternative but found that all at similar price so i'm going to stick with this MB)
    P: Core i3 4130 (3.4 Ghz) Cache 3 MB
    (The reason i choose i3 is to start low, i intend to upgrade in the future. this is in hope to lower my spending for now unless if i3 is really not enough for today gaming.)
    RAM: Team Xtreme Dark 8 GB PC 12800 Dual Channel CL Speed 9-9-9-24
    (i'm satisfied with team and have no plan to change, well unless you can make me change my mind :D )
    VGA: MSI Geforce GTX 660 Twin Frozr OC 2 GB 192 Bit DDR5
    (i hope this vga can handle all the new games, i wont play in multiple display or using large display, 24" is as big as i will get, don't know what is the recomended resolution for that.)
    HD: Western Digital 500 GB Sata2 / Sata3
    (not really an issue, i seperate my storage with WD MyBook Live)
    PSU: FSP Raider RA-750 750W 88+ Silver
    (if this is overkill, perhaps 550 is enough? FSP Raider RA-550 550W 88+ Silver, i dont think we have xfx in my country.)

    So, i still need help here -_-
  3. Where do you live to see for a PSU? The i3 is weaker than your i5 for games which need more cores - all new games and the i3 will have lower fps.
  4. hi, i live in Indonesia.
    My regular supplier doesn't have xfx550, they have the "XFX XXX Edition 650W 85% Efficiency Modular" which will cost me USD130 and above.
  5. Any Corsair or Seasonic PSUs around 500w with lower price?
  6. Everything looks ok but you need an i5 for a decent across the board gaming experience. Having said some old games will play better on an i3 than FX 8320. The PSU is overkill but if you want to upgrade later it's not. Want to see overkill look at mt my PSU. LOL
    Yes, i plan to go add h/w in my next build that will push it closer 1200w, but you get what i mean i hope.
  7. lol 1.5k w psu =D
  8. ot when i pushing 4 x cards in my next build it's not. I have an 750w that lasted three builds. I'm picking the same here. Even in CFX full load the exhausting air is barley warm. The thing to remember here is my PSU is not in the slightest stressed and it's a damn fine investment for future upgrades.
  9. Which is the point i was trying to make to OP
  10. haha, 1.5k, yeah thats overkill :P
    and i get what you mean by having a bigger psu, and i agree,

    i didn't know corsair have good rep in psu -_-
    Here are some Corsair and seasonic my supplier have:
    Corsair CS550M (Modular, 80 Plus Gold Certified) @90$
    Corsair CX500M (CP-9020059-EU) 500W CXM Series (Modular) @73$
    Corsair CX600M (CP-9020060-EU) 600W CXM Series Modular @80$
    Corsair CX750M (9020061-EU) 750W CXM Series (Modular) @96$
    Seasonic 620W S12II-620 Bronze @89$
    Seasonic 750W SS-750JS-BE 80 Plus @98$
    i think maybe i will go with the Corsair CX750M

    so you both think that i3 is no longer a decent choice for playing the new games?
    how about the gpu?
  11. Best answer
    All new games are made for quad cores and some also for HT and the i3 falls a bit behind. Seasonic is for me the best brand because they make only good PSUs and many other brands let Seasonic build their products too and the 620w is enough even for future upgrades/systems. The GPU is good but depending on the price you could go for almost same performance to a r9 270x and if you want better performance and the price is not too overpriced you could choose the r9 280x or the little better GTX 770.
  12. ic, thanks for the advice, i think i know what to do now... :)
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