How to make this Pc play BF4 on medium-high

How would I upgrade this PC so it would play BF4 on Medium-High. Thanks in advance.

AMD Quad Core A8 6600K (4X 3.90 GHZ / TURBO MODE 4.20 GHZ)
8GB DDR3 Memory (Upgardeable to 16GB)
Massive 1000GB(1TB) Hard Drive
DVD R/W Optical Drive (Even Copies Dual Layer DVD/CD)
Gaming Desktop PC Case with 3 x 120mm Cooling Fans
Integrated SD Memory Card Reader
Supports AMD Dual graphics Technology
Super Speed Ethernet (Broadband) 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN
6 Channel High Definition Audio
RADEON HD 8670 Supports DirectX 11 to enhance graphical performance
HDMI/VGA Port (For Dual Screen Capabilities)
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    Upgrade the GPU to something faster, I'm not sure about how good your power supply is so I would go for something like a Nvdia 750ti or a AMD 265 (AMD will draw significantly more power than the Nvidia)
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