ASUS M5A99FX PRO R 2.0 or Gigabyte GA 990FXA UD3 rev 4.0?

I read and watched a lot reviews about these motherboards and I want your opinions base on experienced as a user of these two motherboards.
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  1. Well I have the Asus, so I can speak from experience on that one.

    Good board, decent VRM's. 6+2. Had no issue with it.

    The gigabyte is a really nice board too, has better VRM's with 8+2 so might in theory do better in overclocking. That's about all I know about it.

    In reality though, the 8+2 VRM's over the 6+2 VRM's are only going to come into play at the very high end of overclocking, like 5ghz area, and you won't hit that regardless of board unless you have a massive water cooling loop.
  2. both are good, had better experience with gigabyte never had a failure on their products, but asus customer service sucks, still waiting for asus to send me a replacement m5afx pro r2.0 (third week)
  3. This board looks killer though, 12+2 VRM's. Most on any board.
  4. Anymore good or bad experienced on these boards. I want to hear more.
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    They're both good boards and the one I linked looks to be a really good board.

    In reality, if you ask enough and enough, you will people who say Gigabyte rules, my Asus died in 2 weeks and my Gigabyte has been rock solid for a year AND you will find people that say Asus rules, their Gigabyte died in 2 weeks and their Asus has been rock solid for a year.

    They are both about the same class of board. I like the Asus cause its blue, the trim on my video card is blue, my ram heat spreaders are blue, sort of have a blue theme going on inside my case.
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