Using IDE & FAT32 external HD with Win 7 NTSF SATA C:/ HD

I am coming back here for my continuing ed on building, and populating a really sweet build. However, this question shows a big hole in my ed. I am using the old WD 800 ( 80 GB) for an external HD. I have the enclosure on order but I want to prepare the HD for use. Right now, on Computer Management, I have my C drive recognized and partitioned and my external drive (H:) drive recognized as Healthy (Active, Primary Partition) It has 74.53 GB and FAT32) So, 1. should I convert to NTSF 2. do I need to partition a reserved section and 3. what is the process of using this thing ie storing pictures (step by step please)
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  1. 1. I would change to NTFS. FAT32 has a storage limitation of 2GB per file. Now it is only a 80GB HDD but if you decided to store a 4GB file, you wouldn't be able to.

    2. You do not need a reserved section. The 100MB reserved on your primary partition is made and hidden for the MBR which was a new way to try to hide the MBR from viruses that attacked it. For secondary HDDs on a Windows 7/8 system you do not need a reserved partition.

    3. Once you format and partition a HDD it is all setup. If you want to use it as a backup then you need to manually move what you want backed up there unless you use a software made for backups.
  2. Thanks for the response and advice. I need to know how to manually move a file to the hard drive. I have moved folders around but never put a picture on an external HD. Don't be afraid of being too simple...
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    The easy method is to highlight what you want to copy or move then right click the highlighted files/folders and select copy or paste depending on if you want to move or copy them.

    Then move to the location you want, so for example H:\Pictures, and then right click in a blank space and select paste. This will move or copy them from the original location to the new location.

    That should help you out a bit if you are unfamiliar with how to exactly do it but it is a very simple procedure. That link covers copying but cutting (which moves the file instead of making an exact copy) is the same you just select the "Cut" option instead of the "Copy" option.
  4. With drives much larger so very inexpensive - why would you buy an enclose for such an old drive? Hopefully just to "tinker".
  5. Jimmy: Thanks for the advice. Very clear and useful. Bruce: yeah, I know but I have a WD 1 TB internal HD. I am going to use this 80 GB HD for some dedicated storage then go for larger regular backup. Again thanks for the instruction.
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