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Trying to get my printer scanner to work again and message on printer window said to open an internet browser and type in, but the page keeps timing out. suggestions?
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  1. can you ping that address?
  2. how are the printer and the computer connected to the network?
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    The IP address will be to access the firmware menu of the printer.
    But if you are using the printer connected to or through a router.
    You must make sure that the router is running in the same Ip address pool.

    The given normal is were 1 can be up to a value of 255.
    you also have to check that between the router and the printer that the sub net address
    remains the same eg

    In the router you can set IP addresses to be auto configured by Dhcp or you can set aside a range of IP addresses for static assignment of IP`s to client devices.
    So it may be likely that the printer has a prior static setup. but the ip address is already assigned to another device.

    Also the IP of the device may need to be placed in the port forwarding section of the router. And the port addresses it uses for communication over the network through the router.

    If the printer has it`s own firmware setup to configure for a network then it can be accessed by using a direct Ethernet connection from a computer to the printers Ethernet port, or by using and x-over Ethernet cale between the two devices. Computer direct to printer not through router. Once connected both devices must be restarted to clear any Ip address that was auto assigned by the router before hand.

    By typing in a browser the printer firmware menu should then be accessed.
    But it must be configured with the same ip address range as the router, and run on the same sub net address. Or be set to auto assigned or setup by the dhcp pool of the router.

    You should then be able to access the firmware menu of the printer where you can set the IP, and the sub net address the printer needs to work with the network. if there is a router in line.

    Once done then connect the printer back to the network via the router. and it should work.

    If you have a large network each printer can be set up on a static ip address so x amount of clients can use the printer to print. But they can be setup on a different ip and, the sub net address may differ if a large network. and why both need to be checked in the printer and the router.
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