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so my SSD showed up today and i will be redoing everything on the rig i just built. complete wipe and reinstall of OS and Drivers... but i am wondering once finished with all that how do i go about changing the default install path.
Everytime i install something it wants to go to C drive but i dont want that, i want it to go to my 4tb drive. and only certain things to the SSD if i decided to. I know i can change the path in the installer but id rather it just not suggest it to C every time
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    You really don't want to force every application to go to 'other than C'. Some things you do want on the boot drive.
    Yes, you can mess around in the registry and change it, but then for the things you want on the boot drive (AV, utilities, etc), you have to manually select. So either way, sometimes you have to select which drive.

    For Steam, you can designate multiple targets.
    For applications, just choose....

    For all other stuff, see these tutorials:
    Win 7 & 8:
    Win 8.1:
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