4TB External Seagate HDD in Windows xp 64Bit

I have set up an external 4TB Seagate HDD in windows xp 64 bit. Under computer management I have located it. I tried to make it all one drive but when I set it up to partition it set it up as a 2048 GB and a 1678 GB. I qucik formatted the 2048 in NTFS but it won't format the 1678 when I right click on the unallocated space. I want to make it all ONE 4TB ( obviuosly it will be less) using NTFS how can this be done. If not how do I format the the 1678 so it can be seen and drive letter assigned?

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    you encounter the MBR limit.

    to use the whole 4GB you need to use GPT
  2. ok I figured it I have about 700gb of data to transfer from my internal to my external 4TB drive. How can I expedite this instead of using the copy/past command in windows x64 xp?
  3. Hi emerald, thanks! I have the entire HDD in NTFS. When I transfer data the data now appearing in the 4TB NTFS when I right click properties indicates READ ONLY. When I deselect the READ ONLY, then exit and re-enter the 4TB HDD it STILL indicates READ ONLY. I want to have the data so it can be edited. What is wrong?
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