Lenovo thinkcentre desktop (M55 series) no network adapter in win xp

Scenario: Friend got a Lenovo Desktop that was used in an office up to when they upgraded their systems. Hard drive was removed. BIOS was modified to disallow booting from anything other than a hard drive. First we got a new hard drive, then I used my PC to install win xp from a copy I have. Took the new drive to his PC and it boots, but no network access. It has a wireless card installed in a PCI slot, but it does not work. We downloaded the drivers previously and have installed them twice. Device manager shows the ethernet controllers along with PCI devices, but with errors. It looks to me like there is a motherboard problem, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
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  1. Try installing the drivers through device manager.
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    check if this is the system and use the network driver
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