Crossfire 2 GTX 770's and 2 GTX 590's?

I'm about to buy two new graphics cards and feel like for the money (roughly $650 give or take) I can get 2 GTX 770s and get the most bang for my buck. I currently have dual GTX 590s in place and do not know what to do with them one I get the new GPUs. My motherboard does support 4 graphics cards but I don't know if this would actually speed the system up or not. Does having all four cards in place at one time sounds like a good idea? And does the 2 GTX 770s sound like the best "bang for my buck" for graphics cards? (I do like GTX cards) Thanks!
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    When are you going to purchase the new gpus? Having mulitple cards in a system should not be an issue however I would assume you would have to select (if it's even possible; I don't have such experience so I can't say anything) which of all cards should be used (one 770, one 590, QuadSLI or 2-way SLI with 770). I believe that the software is can handle up to five cards (bitcoining for instance.).

    Don't forget that 770 is a 680 with higher frequency. I would rather spend that money on a single 780TI or wait for 790 (dual gpu with a core that is a mix between 780 and 780Ti) which will come.

    And what you should with the other cards. keep them just in case if you need one, sell them, give it to family and friends. That's up to you :)
  2. You can't SLI(Crossfire is AMD) with different versions of cards. So there would be know way QuadSLI with that setup.
  3. Sell the 590's. You cant combine 590 with 770 (The quad SLI you're talking about).
  4. I say if ur not having any issues. Keep the 590 use them till maxwell cards come out and then get a high tier maxwell card. It be a whole new arvhicteture an better performance. 790 is clearly a waste the card limited to 3 gb in sli, it has a bus bit of 320bit and dual gpu in sli often has woes and dont scale well. Upgrade wen u see performance isssues and save your money.
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