Would it be a better plan to upgrade my GPU or CPU for gaming? My current setup hasn't measured to my hopes.

I've got a GTX 550ti and an AMD Phenom ii x4 965 black edition. I've had this setup for a while, and honestly it hasn't been performing to the point I'd like it to be with games like Metro Last Light and Battlefield 4. I'm not awfully knowledgeable in terms of hardware, so I was hoping to get all of your advice. I have 4 gigs of ram currently, but am ordering another 4 gig stick this week. I know that will help to an extent, but I think upgrading my GPU or CPU will help more. Thanks in advance
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  1. Upgrading your gpu will increase performance in games WAY more than upgrading your cpu. A good good mid range card would be a gtx 660. :)
  2. Upgrading the GPU would definitely be the best bet. Do you have a price limit? Let us know and we'll try find a good card for you.
  3. I'd like to stay around or under the $250 price range. I'm kind of interested in the 750ti, although I know it doesn't support SLI. Like I said, I'm totally thankful for suggestions
  4. The 750ti is a pretty good upgrade for the price, it's around $150 - 170 and since it doesn't need power from the PSU you wouldn't need to worry about if your system can run it.

    If you're willing to go up to $250 though, you can bump up to the GTX 760 for a decent boost in performance, and you should be able to run it in your current system (recommends at least a 500W PSU).

    Have a look here for prices but probably look around since not all vendors are listed on the site and you may find the card you want for cheaper elsewhere.
  5. I personally would chip out a little more and buy a 770, a fantastic GPU. A good CPU is important but you'll get much better performance from a new GPU.

    I recommend doing some research on how Nvidia ''name'' their cards.
  6. I've got a 650w PSU. Would it be a better idea to buy a 760, a 760 4gb, or a 770?
    Would a 760 4gb require more power?
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    A 650W PSU would be fine, a 760 is also a fantastic graphics card, although I would stick with a 770 myself it's a little more expensive but it has excellent performance.

    I had a 550TI and it was good for what I needed although I eventually needed an upgrade so I chose the 770 and it was the best decision I've made, I was thinking of the 760 but I decided on the 770.

    Hope I helped :)
  8. Agreed, if you can afford it definitely go for the 770. If you will be doing single monitor gaming, I'd recommend this card.
  9. Actually, I've got two monitors that I use, but I only use one for gaming. That hasn't affected me noticeably with my 550ti, so it shouldn't affect a better gpu, correct?
  10. I use dual monitors but only one for gaming and it doesn't really decrease performance so no need to worry.

    Hope I helped :)
  11. Nah that would be fine. If you were running multiple monitors for gaming you'd want to go for more VRAM, or if you're downsampling from 2K or higher resolutions. I have a GTX 680 2GB and it runs any game fine at 1080p on a single monitor, so a 770 would certainly do better than mine.
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