i7 870: Overclocking vs. Upgrade

Hi everyone.

So recently I was playing the Titanfall beta with my i7 870 at stock 2.93 GHz, 4 GB of ram, and my brand new GTX 780. Sadly, I was only able to run the game on low texture settings, and I was still getting lag. I did some benchmarking and my 780 runs as it should, so im almost sure that it is the CPU bottlenecking. Now my decision comes down to overclocking my CPU and with the money I save, grabbing some extra goodies like better RAM and an SSD, or upgrading to Haswell. Can anyone give me some insight?

I have about $180 bucks to blow I live in Canada so if I wanted to upgrade to Haswell i'd have to wait for a while. I also have never overclocked before so I am a bit worried.

Also, my moitherboard is a p7h55-m-lx. I haven't found much information about overclocking on this board, nor have I found a lot of info on oc'ing an 870.
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  1. My advice, definitely go up to 8GB of RAM.

    The older i7's still hold their own in gaming but I feel that may be coming to an end.

    Haswell upgrade may be worth it but I'd hold on for broadwell(end of the year)

    Definitely go for 8GB ram though.
  2. Sounds good. Should I also pick up a cooler and OC my CPU? What's your opinion?
  3. I couldn't find much on this, but it doesn't seem likely you can OC well on the H55 chipset.

    Usually H** Motherboards are budget versions.
  4. Hmm.... I wanted to get to at least 4 GHz so I can squeeze out some performance until Broadwell. I'll search it up some more maybe I'll find something out. Thanks for the help!
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    No problem, Hope i've answered all your questions/solved them!
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