Monitor doesn't come back of sleep mode

(Windows 8.1 64 bit) I have a constant and persistent problem with putting my computer into sleep mode. I put it into sleep mode successfully but when waking it back up the fans and everything come back on, only thing is monitor does not come back on no matter what unfortunately. So every time this happens I just hit the reset button on the computer but it fails to boot past post the first time. Second reset computer boots up just fine. This happens every time consistently, which makes sleep mode useless to me. Also usually the wifi dongle doesn't work when its all booted up again after this happens so I have to unplug and replug that in as well to reset that and then it works again. Ive looked for solutions but so far have found none that have worked so I'm asking for help here as this is a really annoying problem. I built this computer just under a year ago and here are my specs:

Windows 8.1 64 bit
i7 3770k (non-overclocked)
Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard
Asus VG278H monitor
2x GTX 670 in sli
CM Storm Stryker case
Corsair Vengeance 16GB Ram @1866 MHZ
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  1. Did you try turn off/turn on monitor or unplug/plug the DVI cable? I have sometimes the same issue with my Monitor/TV, its like the GPU is not sending the wake up signal to the monitor but usually switching the signal source solves the problem.

    There is 4 suspects here obviously: GPU/Monitor/Mobo/OS.
    Power settings of one of it makes that issue. So I'd first search for config in Windows Power Settings and set all energy saving options off, then make a test, then try searching some BIOS options, then in GPU drivers, then well i guess u can't do much with monitor but still look in its menu.
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