Need help with choosing a site for a gaming PC custom build

I have been looking at Cyber Power PC gaming PCs to purchase a gaming PC with a custom build. I know I could build it myself but i just don't have the time. I also am a little put off by the fact that I must pay extra for service I consider to be just good business to included such as the packaging of the PC for shipping and professional wiring to maximize cooling for the components.
Can anyone suggest other sites I may not have considered but should have?
Really appreciate any help or suggestions, Thank you.
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  1. Yeah Champion DID that too what I was actually requesting was a recommendation of some of the BEST build sites. I am fairly new to the gamers computer world ad all though I have researched every part of a computer and learned what they do I do not know what graphics cards work with what motherboard or what peripherals work better than others and which are priced appropriately and which are over priced. That's why I come here to get the "Experts" opinions. I have submitted many question to other forums and have gotten some pretty good answers but I have found that for the most part the people on this forum are very helpful and KNOW what they are talking about. I was mainly requesting peoples opinion of the company I chose to possible build my new computer and if they knew of another company that would be better suited or more reputable for the job. Maybe I didn't word the request for help the right way and that is my fault but for you to insinuate I am an idiot and didn't think to do a search on Google well maybe you just didn't think that answer all the way through.
    I am a Lieutenant in the Fire and Rescue field which keeps me pretty much away from home for about 98% of the time and when I am home I just want to play a game or 2 and pass out for a while. Mutant PCs I have researched building my own versus having someone else build it. It looks pretty straight forward and simple for the most part but I would probably screw it up in some way. hahaha In any case I appreciate both of you putting forth you opinions and maybe I should take another look at building my own. Thank you both for your time and help.
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    If you want to know if parts are incompatible with each other or not, then go to you choose all the parts you need, then itll show you the cheapest price available out of a list of online markets(ex. amazon, newegg etc.) If there are incompatibilities or issues then the the website will tell you, and recommendations on what to do in order to fix it.
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