Softmoded Original Xbox Black Screen?

Now I know a lot of people on here probably aren't familiar with softmoded original xboxs but I if you are please help. So just five minutes ago, I started Auto installer deluxe 4 and started installing xbmc. Before I restarted the xbox I wanted to install some emulators so I selected all to be installed. It installed about 30% of the way and then it encountered an error. I went back to restart the xbox and the screen just went black. I tried physically turning it off and then back on (and taking out the disc) and it still went to a black screen. I think its probably because I took up all of the space on the E drive but I'm not entirely sure. Is there anyway to fix this>
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  1. Oh, also the black screen comes up after the xbox start up logo animation
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    ummmmm? it might be a good idea to ask on the forums for whatever softmod you are using you might get help there instead of puzzled bemusement
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