Need help choosing a laptop for gaming.


I am torn between two laptops and need help deciding which one is a better deal.

The first one is a refurbished ASUS ROG G75 -

I was looking at buying one of these about 6 months ago, but had to change my priorities for a while. I like the design of this a lot - as well as the cooling. It is my understanding that this laptop stays pretty cool during extended gaming sessions.

The second I am looking at is the Lenovo Ideapad y510p -

I stumbled upon this one and was immediately drawn in because of the price and the fact that it has two graphics cards in SLI. But I have read that it seems to get very hot during gaming sessions, and the overall design looks a lot simpler than the ROG.

I am wondering what route some of you would go between these two options? Which one will perform better for gaming? I am sure the ROG will stay at cooler temps than the Lenovo, but I can always use a cooler pad if need be. I am not sure which one is better GPU wise - I don't know how a single GTX 660M would compare against two GT 750M gpu's in SLI. and it is my understanding that the Lenovo has a slightly faster CPU, however the difference may be nominal. Also I don't like that the Lenovo only comes with 6gb of RAM.

What do you guys think? I am also open to other suggestions as well, but when suggesting please keep in mind that I am working with a $1,000 budget on this purchase, including shipping.

Thanks for any input on the matter!
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  1. I would recommend a Toshiba laptop.
    the ASUS Republic Of Gamers G75 is a Beast but try these

    Toshiba Qosmio X70-ABT3G22
    And its only $999. Its below your budget

    If you have more in your kitty you can upgrade it to the maximum($2,539.98 simply improved the performance options)
  2. go with the 510p it has great reviews and it's in everyones top 5 gaming laptops that i've seen
  3. Before getting any replies I ended up pulling the trigger on the ASUS G75. Ended up seeming like a better buy for my situation. I've already got a high end gaming desktop, this laptop will mainly be for work travel or occasions where I want to lounge in bed or on the couch and game. So I don't mind if it is slightly lower spec than the Lenovo or other options. A big seller for me is the cooling, I had a gaming laptop in the past that would get extremely hot during gaming sessions and I hated it. It would actually burn my wrists over time as well as my legs if I had it on my lap. Took days for the spots to heal. I dont want to get stuck in that boat again, and a lot of reviews said the y510p gets extremely hot. I know the g75 will stay at a nice cooler temp so I decided to go that route. Thanks for the replies anyhow.
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