my laptop update the sound driver to realtek hd audio manager now the headphones don't work. I have tried the advanced setting

Trouble with Realtek HD Audio Manager on laptop
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  1. can you put up a screenshot of the Realtek HD Audio Manager on your laptop so that we can see what options you have selected... it might just be a simple box that has been left unchecked or a port that has been assigned incorrectly
  2. Try to uninstall the new version and reinstall the old one. If you need use your headphones meanwhile we search a solution.
  3. Do the SPEAKERS still work?

    Do you use this with HDMI output? (If so you may have the wrong "Playback Device" selected. Right-click audio icon in lower-right, "playback devices"..)
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    The reason why it does not work, is because the realtek driver and app use in most cases auto sensing.

    But if you are using windows 7 it has a battle with it.
    If you right click on the speaker icon of windows next to the time, and select playback devices.

    It will list all of the audio output devices, where it says HD audio device have a check to see if it is set as the default audio playback device.
    You can do this by right clicking on the device listed. and selecting default device.
    If you are presented with headphones, then it must be right clicked and set as a default device. so the headphones work when plugged into the 1.5mm jack of the laptop.

    If you find everything is grayed out, in windows sound manager then the Realtek sound app must be uninstalled, to allow windows to use the audio options.

    It is a common problem between the realtek app managing sound. and the way windows 7 uses audio devices, and its routing.
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