Sound glitches every 60 seconds. Removed sound card and use onboard audio then sound is fine.

I have been using this sound card for about 2 weeks. Just built my new system and now for some reason my sound glitches every 60 seconds like a scratchy messed up noise for just a second. But it does it every 60 seconds. I have removed the sound card and using onboard audio. No problem whatsoever.

Some notes:
I did overclock my system. I have since restored bios to defaults.
I have run latency checker and its showing nothing at the time of the sound glitch.

Asus Rampage IV Black Edition
Intel I7 3960X Extreme Edition
64GB Corsair Vengeance 1600
2x GTX 780Ti's
1TB Samsung EVO SSD
3TB Western Digital Enterprise Drive
Corsair AX1200 PWR Supply
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    defective card...also why would you bother with a sound card when you are spending that much, get an external DAC, sound cards cant even compare
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