Could this build support gtx 760 SLI?
I really want to buy this PC from cyberpower but I have a few questions:
Would the default case (CyberpowerPC X-Saber) be big enough to support two gtx 760's? (Both of them would be OC). Would the default motherboard (ASUS Z87-K ATX) support gtx 760 OC SLI? I know the 600w PSU is enough for one gtx 760, but would it be able to support two? How much more power would I need if it's not enough? Also, how do I know when a GPU supports SLI? Do I have to buy a specific version, or does the EVGA OC version already support it? One more question, I know the i5-4440 will not bottleneck a gtx 760, but would it bottleneck two of them? What would be a better CPU if it does bottleneck gtx 760 SLI?

Sorry for asking so many questions I really don't know that much about PC's. If you see any other problems with this build please let me know. I really want to avoid as many future problems as possible.
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    Yes it can support two GTX 760's and with no bottleneck with other components. Make sure the PSU is at least 650 watts. Your motherboard supports SLI and has two PCI-E X16 Slots to get maximum performance from your cards.
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