Best gpu for my new build / I5-4670K for CS: GO and Everyday Use

Hi guys, I recently just purchased:
Asus Z87-A 1150 mobo
Hyper Cooler Master EVO 212
Corsair CX600M.
2x4gb DDR3-1600mhz Corsair Vengeance Low profiles.
Corsair 300R Case
Asus DVD/CD optical drive
1TB Caviar Blue @7200 HD
120GB Samsung Evo SSD
TP-Wireless Adapter- WDN3800
Windows OEM 8.1

This is my first pc build EVER with zero experience, and my last main desktop w/ an independent graphics card was a Toshiba A505-S6992 laptop running on an Nvidia Geforce GT 230M.

This new PC will be for everyday use/workstation/light gaming connected to a 24" Asus Led Monitor. I play some new games every now and then, but usually end up not playing them. My only games that I continue to play today is (starcraft I, starcraft brood wars, and counterstrike: go, and some call of duty.... but mostly CS: GO when I do have a chance to play). I don't really mind going as low as a GTX660 or a vid card around that performance/value range since I don't really care about it being outdated in a year or so-- since you can see the games that I play are really not that demanding. Honestly, price is a big factor here. Since, I'm building this PC w/ all new parts on a 1k budget. $200 is my maximum limit for a graphics card. With a $200 graphics card or less-- after taxes + shipping + rebates + insurance, this would total my build to around $900 (w/out the OS) versus $1000 if I were to get a gtx760. So, a $200 graphics card would be pretty good value for me.

Any suggestions?
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  1. A R9 270X would be a great choice or GTX 760. Both are great but the GTX 760 is a better choice, depends on what you think is a better amount to spend.
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