Linksys router drops wireless connection while laptop is using it

Whenever my roommate's laptop connects to our Linksys WRT54GL via wireless internet, every wireless signal in the house drops after a day or two. Sometimes it can go for about a week before it drops. Logging in to the router and saving the preferences that are already there restores connectivity, but it just happens again later.

Other wireless devices do not have this problem, such as my 3DS and my netbook. This had also never happened before my roommate started using his laptop here.

The laptop in question is an HP Pavilion 17Z-E100, but we are not 100% sure.

What are some things I can troubleshoot in order to pin down the problem? I've already tried changing the wireless channel on the router, but the problem persists.
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  1. may help if unplug your router and modem from the wall for couple minutes and restart your computer at the same time.
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    How old is the laptop? Have been keeping up on you Wlan drivers? I don't know your operating system but you could start here:
    HP will scan your PC for updates and if all else fails you can buy a usb wireless adapter dirt cheap these days like this TP-LINK TL-WN822N Wireless N300 High Gain USB Adapter
    $19.00 dolla won't make you holla
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