Which of these cases would be good for a new pc build?


I am builidng a new pc. I will have the AMD 8350 or i7 4770K.

I plan on using the computer for gaming, 3D design, rendering, video editing and graphic design.

These are cases I am looking at:

Zalman Z3 Plus
Corsair Carbide Series White 500R CC-9011013
Enermax ECA3252
Enermax iVekor ECA3310A
Thermal Take Chaser A31 Snow Edition
Zalman MS800 Plus
NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower

I will probably use liquid cooling and maybe have two gpu's, not sure.

Which two would be best?
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  1. Go with the Intel chip, if you are going to have discrete (non CPU) graphics. Intel's previous offering smashed the 8350 pretty badly, and the Haswell (4xxx series) update reduced power consumption significantly.

    All Mid-Tower or Full-Tower (ATX) cases can be expected to do what you need them to. Make you choice based on preference. I'm not wild about tool-less setups, but these differences are base purely on personal taste.
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