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Hello I am building my first Gaming PC and while browsing the CPU Coolers I noticed one said it had "pre-applied thermal compound" on the cooler. Does this mean I do not need to buy a tube of thermal paste for my CPU?

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  1. More or less, just make sure it hasn't rubbed off in transit. And maybe check around to see if it's supposed to be any good, if it's not then you may want to wipe it off and buy something that you think it's better and apply some new stuff yourself
  2. Thanks mc962 could you please write how I can tell if it is any good or point me to a guide on Thermal Compound. Would be much appreciated.
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    I just look around, google your cooler and if anyone has anything bad to say about it's compound. For example, I've heard that some don't like the stuff that comes with the intel cooler (I bought my own cooler right away so I never tested it). In the end, it's unlikely to make too much of a difference short of it being something like chocolate. But it's nice to know beforehand what type of quality you are putting in there.
  4. Thanks mc962. I'll have a browse and look at some reviews.
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