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Hi guys I'm building a budget pc for a friend that could be upgradable but we are in a budget so with the money that we can affoard we can go for a fx8320 or a fx 8350 or a I5 4570 or a i5 4440 but i dont know if the i5 are worth enought because they dont have the hyper threareding =/ so what should i do? If I go AMD i can afford better GPU and more RAM
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  1. go with fx 8320 and better GPU.
  2. ^agreed with the above

    if getting an i5 is going to cripple the rest of your build then get the FX 8320 instead, a balanced system is way better than a skewed one
  3. thx a lot for your answer I hope AMD will do the work for my friend and with the cuda , adobe programs... but I have just one more question, all the amd mobas have pci express 2.0 and just the intel 3.0 why is that?
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    it's just how they design it, currently there isn't a single GPU out there that can go beyond the data transfer rate of a PCI express 2.0 slot, so the more powerful 3.0 is actually not needed at all. Not really sure exactly why Intel includes it on their motherboards though, sometimes people even have to disable it for their GPUs to be compatible.
  5. thx for everything =) helped me to pick a choice
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