Weird fake gpu "nvidia radeon GTX 660 ti" - any info?

My brother wanted to buy a second-hand GTX 660 Ti, but then noticed that it is very likely to be fake. Here are the pictures:

It is very similar to this one:

Now he is definitely going to cancel the deal, but we are very curious about this model. Who made it? What are the real specs of this device? Is that some old known model with fake rom, or is it something totally fake?

We tried to search by number of cores, frequences, device id and so on, and could not find any info about this model or any known model with same specs.

Update: are there any benchmarks/reviews for that family of fake devices?
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  1. fake japanese gpu's, nothing more than a scam
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    Oh those, they're all over Taobao :lol: they're usually just older and lower end cards

    To hazard a guess, it'd most likely be a card from the 8800 or 9800 series, the 8800 GTX for instance had a 384 bit memory bus, 24 ROPs and 128 unified shaders, but it had 768mb of GDDR3 and a higher memory clock

    Other times they'd take a lower end card like a Geforce 210 and try to pass it off as a GTS 250 or something similar (usually done through modifying the GPU's BIOS or changing the namestring)
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