Need help building first gaming PC.(I know nothing)

I want to build a PC for gaming for around £400-though I don't really mind going up to £450. I would like to be able to play BF4 & Titanfall (when it's released) on mid - high settings. Is this an OK build? I aslo need to know what a good motherboard would be (without going over budget), and if this will fit in a thermaltake urban s31 case.

Asus AMD Radeon R7 240

Corsair builder series CX 430watt

WD 1TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - OEM - Green

AMD Athlon ii X4 750k - (black)

2 sticks of Integral 4gb DDR3- 1333 DIMM CL9

Windows 7

PS. What cooling solution will I need?
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  1. I dont think that you will be able to handle BF4 at high with the system. If you dont overclock you can stick with the stock cooler.
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    Hey, (first I want to say, i m not english or usa man)

    The best way to go and the most important is, do you want to be able to upgrade easely in the next 4-5 years to come ? Then it will be important to consider to have a good PC-Case, wil be around 60-70 pound (80-100 euro)
    Still 380 pound (450 euro) to go.
    Next is you aked to be able to play BF4 and Titanfall (will not ask more than BF4) for sure. Will you want to be able to play in Ultra with AA on in HD very smooth ? If so you will need at least a hd 7850 / GTX 560Ti(2GB) / 6950 / GTX 650Ti Boost / or at least a R7 260X or r7 265. They will all cost you around 120 punds (150Euro)
    Still 260 pound (300 euro) to go.
    Next will be the choices of your CPU and Mobo. For me the best way to go person. is with the FX-6300/will overclock really well and will cost you like 90 bucks (110 euro). And will be powerfull enough for other taxes.
    With the Intel side for aroun 120 pound (150 euro) you will have a i5 3450 that is way better than all AMD quad core at stock, will even beat your Athlon 750K overclocked @ 4.5 Ghz on all cores and will consume less tha 750K. And later on you can buy a i5 3570K (best processor for gaming) in second hand, if you want to upgrade your GPU or to want do crossfire, and easely you will be able to overclock than your i5 3570K to 4.2Ghz. (theoritical as fast as example: a AMD FX-6300 @ 5.5Ghz!. Will do the trick for crossfiring a 7870 without bottleneck and lag in games like BF4 multiplayer at max with 64 players and be smooth between 50-120 frames a second. In combination with the i5 you will need a mobo with H77 or to be good for overclocking with chipset Z77
    Respectively 40-60 (50-75 euro) pound and for Z77 70-80 pound (80-100 euro). And with the FX-xxx series with mobo around 60-70 pound (70-90 euro) like a Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 for example.
    But let say you take the FX-6300 with Asus M5A78L-M/USB3, cause your budget is limited, so it will cost you 135 pounds (170 euro)
    So you will still have like 100 pounds over (130 euro)
    The power supply you will need at least to turn this pc will be 450 watt, bu to be save I recomanded a 500watt and why not a 700watt to be able to take in a few years a second GPU to crossfire or SLI. In function of your budget we will stay with a good 500 watt supply around the 50 pound mark (65 euro), like a Be Quiet! Pure Power L7 530W or the L8 500W or a OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W or Corsair CX500M or Antec Earthwatts EA-500D Green,.....
    So still 50 pound (65 euro) to go
    You l need to not forget RAM-modules, you will not have enough with 4GB, get at least 6GB, with speeds of 1600Mhz is the way to go. (50 pound, 65 euro).
    Now your budget is full. But in consider that you have at least good 6Gb-ram and a good PC-case,
    you will need still 60 pound to have your hard-disk drive and DVD/Rewriter drive.
    If you don't want to go over your budget, take a case with -30 pound (45 euro) less. and try to buy second hand-online a good GPU for 30 pounds (45euro) less, And it will do the trick ;)
    And to have your 40 pound for Windows7 or W8, go then with all your stuff to take the most cheapest way but still in my proposition range.

    With this setup you will be able to maximise the must games, maybe BF4 on Ultra in HD resolution but without Blurr and AA activated ;)

    I hope it helped you and you understand it, even if my english is awfull.

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