BIOS says I have 4GB Ram, Computer uses and says I have 2GB of RAM

As the title says, my computer is only using 2GB of my 2x2GB RAM setup. The Bios says I have 4GB which is what confuses me and recognises the 2GB in each channel.

This is a semi-new build, only the hard drive and ram are used from an old rig. I have not done a fresh install of OS either (I don't think this would be an issue, but if it is I am willing to do a fresh reinstall).

My build is:

Windows 7 64bit
Gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2
AMD A3 5300 using onboard graphics
2x2GB Corsiar Ram 1333mhz
VS550 Corsair PSU
Samsung 1TB Hard Drive

Because I am using on board graphics (GPU was DOA after significant testing) I only have access to roughly 1.4GB as its taking up 512mb.

At one point it recognised all 4GB (before I started testing my DOA GPU) and since then it only shows the 2GB while still saying I have 4GB in BIOS. I have done multiple swapping and reseating and no matter what it says only 2GB.

Any help will be appreciated
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  1. So can you confirm it is using only 2GB Ram?, Like in the title it says "Computer uses and says I have 2GB of RAM". If bios is reading 4GB Ram, It is almost certainly using 4GB Ram, incorrect readings can be displayed but it will almost certainly be using 4GB Ram as it says that in the BIOS.
  2. Task Manager, DXDiag, Resource Monitor and Gigabytes ET6 Program all state 2GB. I personally feel it through the amount of lag I get whenever it starts to reach 1GB or higher (total 1.4gb useable). Which, with programs like skype and chrome, happens non-stop.

    So its definately only using the 2GB while the BIOS says otherwise.
  3. get cpu-z it will give you the answer
  4. CPU-Z says I have 4GB. However I did some testing, and the machine still stalls when I break that 1.4GB threshold. So I am wondering if the other 2GB is going elsewhere, I am really at a loss.

    I went into the BIOS and manually made the on board graphics use only 512mb, so it can't be that, I am unsure what else it could be.

    Memory Test also brought up nothing and said everything was in good order.

    Edit: CPU-Z says its Single Channel, I could be wrong but does this mean it thinks its reading only stick and thinkings its 4GB when it is really 2GB.
  5. Found the fix. I changed Voltage on DRAM to 1.65volts over the 1.5volts it was set to. Works like a charm now.
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    Ram running at 1333MHz should be at 1.5V, ram at 2133/2400MHz + Has 1.65V, don't know why that was the fix. But I would still leave it at 1.5V, the recommended voltage for that speed, BIOS is correct so it is using 4GB of ram at 1333MHz.
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