Worth upgrading from an i5 3470?

I have a new graphics card on the way for my pc, and im wondering if next on my list should be upgrading my processor. The only problem is that would involve me throwing away my motherboard which I had only recently(ish) picked up.

Im not sure what parts of said games are really handled by the processor as opposed to the GPU. the 780gtx that is on its way is a beefy card, but thats not going to be any help if the cpu is letting me down.

To summarize, should I pick up a new cpu + mobo in the next few months, or would it be fine to hold off a year or two for newer tech?
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    I think it's not worth it.

    . the performance increase of around 5-10 percent theoretically would not give you any benefit of going from core i5 3470 to core i5 4670k unless you plan to overclock your machine.

    And any GPU you chose will not be bottlenecked by your CPU.

    My advice: Keep the motherboard and CPU for some years, and invest in a quality GPU.
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