Cpu too hot ?

Hi, i have an a8 5600k. I'm getting about 50 c at idle, until i cleaned it used to be 80c and when i was playing i was getting 110c. I cleaned it and now when i'm playing i get about 70-80c. I have got the stock cooler. I was wondering if this is normal? I think some of my games are running slower than they did before. Help.
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  1. Try to change your thermal paste, maybe it is spread on the motherboard, clean it with alchool
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    First thing I though was the Thermal Paste as well. That is the first thing I would check. If that doesn't help I would ditch the stock cooler for an aftermarket one. Decent Air Coolers won't cost you much, and you will see lower temps than with the stock cooler.

    Here is an excellent Air cooler that doesn't cost much:
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