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Hey guys,
I am setting up Parallels 9, and I am wondering if it is bad to use the Windows from Boot Camp. I read from somewhere ( a long time ago) that letting Parallels access Boot Camp is bad because it may mess up the partition, the Windows files, or something, and will in general complicate things and cause problems.
Any info is accepted!!
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  1. The way I see it:
    Parallels: Good for lower end applications such as OutLook, etc. Requires system hardware, chance of corrupting a partition, and doesn't have massive performance.
    BootCamp: No loss of system requirements, very stable, partitions stay safe (separate), however requires a reboot.

    I have always used Bootcamp, not a problem.
  2. I'm not asking which one to use. I'm asking whether or not Parallels can use the existing Boot Camp partition (which is yes), and will it have drawbacks? (e.g. corrupt partition).

    Well today i tried that... my Autodesk Inventor files were corrupted because of Parallels even though I DIDN't INITIATE inventor when using in Parallels. Well I'm now re-installing so to WHOMEVER OUT TEHRE WONDERING THE SAME QUESTION... don't allow Parallels to use BootCamp partition
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