Need help choosing a case with good cooling

Hello Everyone! I am close to ordering my next PC setup which will be used primarily for rendering 3d drawings. I have looked around for a good case but am struggling. Anything up to £150 is fine as long as it is good quality. My budget is around £2,000. Can someone please tell me a good case with great airflow and list some fans that will be compatible with the mounting points. The specification of my machine is below:

Intel Core i7-4960X (No OC)
Nvidia GTX 770 4GB GDDR5
Samsung Evo 840 SSD 500GB
Seagate Barracuda 1TB Hard Drive
ATX Motherboard
2 DVD Drives

I hope that helps. Thanks for the ongoing support that you guys offer :-)
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  1. Thermaltake RX I Overseer has a very good airflow and 2x200mm+1x140mm fans installed and place for 3 more which are not necessary unless you want hardcore overclock and cooling.
    You should also get a cpu cooler for your CPU. This is more than enough and also if you plan to overclock in the future, quiet and low temps.
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