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I hope this thread finds you well. Quick, simple question: Will 120GB SSD suffice for a couple games and Windows 8.1 WITHOUT slowing it down too much? I have heard that once SSDs pass the halfway mark in terms of their storage capacity, they begin to slow. But is it noticable? Will I still get excellent performance even though the SSD will be nearly full? I have a 240GB SSD now and I have BF4 and Win 8.1 installed both up-to-date and I am only using 75GB. So now, I am building another rig, and why not just get a 120GB SSD?


Much thanks.


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  1. Why not just reuse the 240gb one?
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    I have run BF4 and Win 7 from a 128Gb SSD, I didnt notice much loss in loading times when I installed BF4.
  3. Slowdowns can occur once you surpass the 80% full mark but exactly where depends on the drive and how much overprovisioning it has.

    120gb should be fine for the os and a couple of games but I too wonder why you don't re-use the 240 that you have.
  4. Fitzitz said:
    Why not just reuse the 240gb one?

    It's being sold in the laptop I am selling.
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