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i was having my CORE temp issues eventhough my cpu temp was alright, so i have bought new fan TT Contec21 and the situation got reverse, now my CORE temps are really good but my CPU doubled the heat , it is always same line between 88-92 no matter what i do, at idle or while playing bf4 or fully loaded, even C doesnt change if i run my fans at max speed, it is always the same !!

before :

after :
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  1. Did you clean the thermal paste off the CPU when you got the new heatsink?
  2. yea! of course
  3. Interesting, is it hot inside your case?
  4. nope, all other temps are between 40-50 C and interestingly all cores are between 40-50 C, funny that it was the other way around and my cores was getting up to 90
  5. I mean if you actually put your hand inside does anything feel hot?
  6. it is touchable, i am doubting the value is showing wrong, i mean everything else is on normal temp why would cpu be over 90
  7. If you can touch it, it's wrong. 90c is close to the boiling point of water.
  8. well i thought so too, i mean i am running fan at max speed, 90 C , on idle its 90 C and also on fully loaded it is 90 C minimum fan it is 90 C it is weird
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    Yeah, that's not right. I wouldn't worry about it.
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