gtx 760 for first build or wait for 800 series?

My build will be a 4670k blah blah blah with nice bells and whistles however I heard the 800 series is coming up and I was wondering if I should wait and buy one of those instead. My plan was to buy 760 sli and I need to know if anybody has an idea on whether or not it'll be worth waiting to spend a similar amount on an 800 series setup. The case I plan on buying (Enthoo Luxe) doesn't come out for awhile either so I'm already waiting into march for that. Thoughts?
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  1. If you're waiting that long already, you may as well wait for 8xx series. Also, I would get a single 870 over sli 860 (if that is what you are doing) because a single stronger card is always a better purchase than 2 weaker cards
  2. Well the rumors for the 800 series indicate anywhere from May to the fall so up to you on the wait. Then soon afterwards rumors about the 9xx series will emerge and somebody will wait for that.
  3. Is there any reason to believe they will be out around the end of March?
  4. None I have seen!
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    750 and 750TI are already released and Maxwell based. Lower segment unfortunately.
    They should have been 8XX, but both nvidia are doing their best to confuse the user with their numbering.
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