Would moving Windows 8 to a USB 3.0 stick boot faster & improve performance?

I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 and only one place for a drive on the mobo so if I wanted to keep the HDD and move the OS to a USB 3.0 stick would it be possible? Would it improve speed and performance at a good price or would I be better buying a SSD to replace the HDD? Also how would I go about copying the OS? Thamks.
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  1. os on memory stick is not a good idea at all. flash drives are dead as soon as you throw random access to files on them. for sequential speed they are okeish in some cases but no way near the speed requirements of an os.

    your best option is to get a ssd drive for the os. for example the new samsung evo msata would fit in most laptops and not use the port the hdd has:,3716.html

    edit: or you can try a wd black 2 which is an ssd+normal hdd in the same drive and 2.5" so should fit most laptops.
  2. You can't install Windows to a USB drive and use it like a primary drive. Also, even a USB 3.0 connected thumb drive will not be faster than an internal SATA HDD. You could replace your HDD with a SSD and see quite an improvement, though.
  3. I'm 99% sure it's impossible to boot Windows off a memory stick. Buy an SSD. Buy a SSD thjat includes an upgrade kit, that will include the software to copy Windows off the HDD on to the SSD.
  4. You could boot Windows 8.1 Enterprise with a USB stick using Windows Everywhere tool but that it is just intended for convenience on the go.
  5. Yes, you can certainly boot (and install) from a USB drive as indicated by danny2000.

    However, many USB 3.0 ports require third party drivers that may not be supported by the Win 8.1 Enterprise default install config. Just something to keep in mind.
  6. I would just use the 3.0 usb flash drive as ReadyBoost for little more kick in speed
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    Wong Dong said:
    I would just use the 3.0 usb flash drive as ReadyBoost for little more kick in speed

    "Why ReadyBoost Probably Isn’t Useful For You
    So far, so good – but there’s a catch: USB storage is slower than RAM. It’s better to store SuperFetch data in your computer’s RAM than on a USB stick. Therefore, ReadyBoost only helps if your computer doesn’t have enough RAM. If you have more than enough RAM, ReadyBoost won’t really help."
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