Pc keeps rebooting randomly. Done alot of tests seems to be while gaming


I'm in desperate need of help to see what is wrong with my computer. Basic specs :-

Windows 7 32bit

I5 2500k. @ 3.3 mhz
2 years old
(newly fitted heat sink fan, artic cooling pro 7)

8gb Ram Kingston.
2 years old

Gigabyte 560ti oc edition.
2 years old but not heavily used

750w psu alpine.
3months old

I recently discovered that my Cpu heat sink fan stopped working it was twitching rather than spinning so it was getting up to 96c and the pc was rebooting itself. So I decided to leave it and order a new one.

It arrived today so I was excited to set it all up got it all working and was so happy at the temps

Idle about 20 - 30c and under full load about 50 - 60c

However I'm having another issue the pc is still rebooting itself. It seems to be when playing games so I installed a tool to monitor the gpu usage and temperatures. So I ran borderlands 2 and all goes well Cpu 55 gpu load 100 % and temp about 69 as soon as it was hitting about mid 70s the pc would reboot. I still find this strange as the temperature is quite low. I tried installing latest drivers and still the same. I tried using old drivers and the gpu load was less yet it still rebooted. So I thought Ok let's eliminate other issues it's not Cpu I ran tests on ram it's not ram, I'm yet to test the physical psu but I am not sure it's that. The latest test I did was I downloaded a gpu stress tester and I maxed it out and about 10 to 15 seconds into the test bam it resets the gpu and it was not even at 50c.

There is no logs left over and nothing on the event viewer.

Am stumped! Am I right in thinking that my graphics card is at its end? Or is there anything else anybody else could recommend?

Thanks alot!!!
(using my mobile sorry for mistakes)

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  1. Update. I changed psu with my other pc that currently was with the same specs but with a 7950 graphics card.. Ran the test again on the pc that had issues and the power supply blew up. This is the 3rd psu that's blew up in the past year from this machine I've had good brands and the alpine brands could I have a faulty mother board? I'm buying 750w psus I have no idea what's wrong with this pc
  2. Update 2, So, in conclusion having switched PSU's to test if it was the PSU and having the other PSU blow up, I'm left even more stumped, I put the none broken PSU into the other pc and it works fine with the 7950 under stressing... am thinking its the mobo now, for sure however I don't want to go through the hassle of uninstalling drivers etc on the other pc to see if its the graphics card. please has anybody got any ideas?. I'm too afraid to put the psu back into the other pc In case it blows up then I will be left without even 1 pc. or should I just order a new Mobo, PSU and graphics card?...
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