Best price for performance Graphic Card right now?

I am looking for the best price/performance graphic card that would allow me to play modern games like BF4 at 1080p on a medium resolution at a playable 40-60 fps.
I have a 750 psu and pcie x3.
Plus include model/company in youyr suggestions.
I live in canada.
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  1. Yes but things have changed. I am indeed waiting for the March version of the post.
    With 750ti and 265. Price has gone messy again..
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    Yeah, the best you can do right now is wait for toms new graphic card chart as everything did get messed around. I know at one point the AMD 7770 Ghz edition was the best price to performance, but now it's hard to say with AMD's followup (the 265) or Nvidia's equivalent.
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