I7 920 OC Safe? NB-Frequency too high or normal? Voltage Auto?

I have a rather old pc (about 5-6 years old) i recently thought about making it faster but as it seems my CPU still is top notch so i only changed my graphics card to a r9 280x.

i7 920
p6t v2 Deluxe Mainboard
6 GB Ram (OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz)
r9 280x OC (vapor-x)

BIOS Settings:
AI Tweaker Manual
BClK 166
DRam DDR3 1331
Speedstep and Boost Disabled
Every other Setting is on Auto or standard
(That does mean that Voltage is not changed right?)

So i thought it would be a good idea to overclock the CPU a little bit (my tower has 5 fans, my CPU has an arctic cooling fan with arctic silver compound).

So i started reading into overclocking but didnt want to go too far so i decided to go for about 3.33 or below Ghz.

Still i am rather new to this so maybe someone could check if my values are normal. I am especially concerned about the NB-Frequency which is about 2650 which seems rather high?

I am just now testing it witih games that are very demanding and now i am running Prime 95.


30 Celsius idle
between 58 and 62 Celsisus with Prime95 running.
about 44 when playing new games


28 Celsius idle about 61 Celsius Load

I hope somebody is willing too help me.


Something i have to add:

I dont know now what the Ram mhz was before but the increase in performance is way too good to be true? Did i do something horribly wrong? For example Witcher 2 on almost highest settings without Uebersampling was having FPS drops before - now its constant 60-80 it seems like a 20-30% increase in performance from going from 2.66 stock to 3.317 mhz or is it simply that my CPU was such an extreme bottleneck for the r9 280x ?
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  1. After reading som emore is letting everything on auto dangerous in my case? I read that it can lead to problems with the system setting Voltage etc. too high?
  2. Sorry for bumping this but can nobody help me? I would be very greatful for an answer.
  3. you cooling is better than mine, but i can still safely get to around 3.9 Ghz with turbo on, and hyperthreading OFF with temps in the low 70's on prime.
    i have the vcore set to 1.5 volts static.

    my mobo is not good for oc'ing so i had to change my memory multipliers to 6 and 12 to keep the memory MHz in the 1100 range. i did have to bring up the memory voltage (vid and qpi voltage) up a little.

    my cpu frequency is around 3.5-3.9 and my memory rate is around 3.2, this 3.2 im talking about is i think the NB frequency you are talking about.

    one more thing to know about 920's is what revision it is. the earlier C0 versions run hotter and require more voltage vs the D0 revisions of the chip.

    do you know which one you have?
  4. ok i looked closely at your pics, and you do have a C0, which is not a big deal...all it means that if you want to go past probably 3.5/3.6 clock speed, you might have to significantly up the voltage. someone has a great i7 920 oc'ing guide on here, and i read that the clock speed vs qpi data speed should be around a 10/9 ratio. and by your pics, that is basically what you have, so you should be fine.


    check this out, i never oc'd before in my life but this and watching some youtube made it pretty easy.
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