Using 780 as GPU need help picking Physx card

I am building a new computer, using some old parts from my old Computer and I happen to have two GPU's laying around.. I've floated with the idea of Physx for a while (Major Arma 3 player) one would be:
MSI Gaming 760

My PC I will be building will have:
I5 4670K
ASRock z87 Extreme6A/C
Patriot Viper 3 16gb (4x4)
Corsair RM850W Full Modular 80+ Gold
Windows 8 OEM 64bit
Corsair Force Series 240gb SSD

With that Combo of items, I know the 760 is WAYY overkill for a Physx but will I be able to use my PNY 650tI for physx?
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  1. Hi Hppyfam.

    Fantastic Idea, when I build my computer I thought of the same thing, what can I do for PhysX. My build is 780Ti and Dedicated 570 for PhysX. It's worked perfectly for me even though they're two generations apart, I have played ARMA 3 with this set up and it's fantastic, debris everywhere!

    If you want one or the other from 650Ti to 760? Go the 650Ti. But to be honest, a top range 500 series card will be just as good.

    Answer, yes. You right click on your desktop. Go to nVidia properties and you change you GPU Settings to Dedicated PhysX and select just your 650Ti. Then it will take but a few seconds of loading and ta da!

    Hope this helps, game on!
  2. Sorry guys... Arma 3 is not a GPU accelerated PhysX game. It uses CPU only PhysX. A dedicated PhysX card will have zero affect on performance. Here's the list of GPU accelerated PhysX games:

    Now, with that, the GTX 650 Ti should be a very good PhysX card, much lower power consumption and less noise than any 500 series card. Sell the GTX 760.
  3. ^ Interest,

    Hadn't known that, though still don't mind that I've a dedicated PhysX card. Regardless, 650Ti would be perfectly.
  4. I have a link to a test of the GTX 650 as a dedicated PhysX card with a GTX 690 as primary. I'll pass it along later, when I get a chance. There's very little updated info on dedicated PhysX cards, which is too bad since people are constantly asking about them.

    That new GTX 750 with its minimal power consumption, is probably the best dedicated PhysX card out right now.
  5. Thanks for the answer guys. I figured as much with the 760 being overkill.
  6. I saw that 750 right after posting this.. I might go ahead and sell that 760 and just pick one of the 750's up.
  7. how can you tell what cards is really efficient for dedicated PhysX card?
    (like GT 520 @518mhz not recommended for PhysX card???)
  8. The key for a dedicated PhysX card is # of CUDA cores and clock speed, the higher the better.

    Here's one of the few reviews using recent cards. Yes, it does show the 650 as a better card than the 680, presumably due to the higher clock speed.

    Borderlands 2 continues to be a bit baffling. Throwing a GTX 680 at it as a PPU does not yield crazy results – but a GTX 650 does surprisingly well. My hypothesis? Clocks matter. The GTX 650 SC from EVGA that I used is clocked at 1202 MHz whereas the GTX 680 was at it’s default clock of 1006 MHz. Even with that said – then why doesn’t the 650 Ti beat the GTX 680 since it is clocked at 1071 MHz? The only data that makes sense from these tests are the results from Fluidmark. The cards improve in a linear fashion based on how they are positioned by NVIDIA. Interesting results…but overall I’m sticking with the 650 Ti in my system – as it is the best all-around performer: value, efficiency, and performance.
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